Instructions and explanatory videos + accessories for viewing and downloading for Electronic Doorkeepers and feeders

  Electronic Doorkeeper   Automatic feeders
pdf-icon-300px Manual Doorkeeper (en) v1.2 pdf-icon-300px Manual automatic feeder FA (ger)
pdf-icon-300px Manual Timer (ger) v1.0 pdf-icon-300px Manual FA-2
raseone-film-1-300px short mounting video - VSB+ Slider (ger) raseone-film-1-300px set feeding time and amount of food
(available soon as video)
raseone-film-1-300px set digital timers (ger)    
raseone-film-1-300px cord rewound or entangled (ger)    
Dok renew cord - VSB    
Product program for viewing and downloading    
pdf-icon-300px product overview v1.0    
Mounting examples for viewing and downloading    
pdf-icon-300px mounting examples (PDF)    


In case of an error, please email us first!

Please send us pictures of the inside of the Doorkeeper (without cover) and how it is mounted together with the slider. In which position the slider remains (opened, closed, ...)

If you send us equipment for inspection or repair, first clean the inside of the housing with compressed air! We will refuse the repair if the devices stand out as mite- or vermin nest. Thank you for your understanding.

[theoretical] example of the battery running times of the Doorkeeper, for orientation:

The graphics are based on practical tests and long-term tests.
The values given here serve as an orientation and can deviate under local conditions.

Although the above example quite theoretical in nature, please make the following calculation:

1x set of batteries approx. 4€ (good ones!), run-time for example 2 years in the VSBb = 5x 4€ for batteries with 10 years using time of the Doorkeeper = 20€ "battery costs" in 10 years device usage (eg.)
    1x solar panel + suitable battery = 100-150€
    1x visit of the electrician to place the cable and a plug-in socket = 50-150€
The installation of solar panels or electrical plug-in sockets only for the Electronic Doorkeeper is usually worthwhile. Batteries are more effective.
If, of course, you already use such solutions, have a plug-in socket at place, or you want to use it also for other purposes, then it makes sense again and is a good alternative.