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worldwide leading electronic doorkeeper

  • AXT-electronic has a 30-year track record of manufacturing electronic products designed to facilitate the keeping of small domestic animals. Today, it is the world’s leader in vertical slide gate opening and closing devices for poultry houses (henhouses, chicken houses, chicken coops, pop hole openers).
  • AXT-electronic is synonymous with innovative technology, dependable service, swift and inexpensive repairs and fair prices.


electronic doorkeeper, automatic chicken door opener VSBb and slider HS

VSB Electronic doorkeeper [Auto pop hole opener]

Number One in the World for 30 Years
The VSB electronic doorkeeper is a poultry house opener (chicken house opener, chicken coop opener, henhouse opener, pop hole opener, sliding gate opener). It opens and closes vertical sliding gates (slide gates) on poultry houses, henhouses or similar at dawn and dusk, respectively.
An integrated photoelectric switch controls the VSB electronic doorkeeper motor, which opens or closes the sliding gate of the poultry house via a pulling cord.
Using the optional BS-D timer, the sliding gate may also be opened and/or closed at set times. In other words, the gate may be opened and closed at set times, or it can be opened at a set time and closed at dusk.

  • Opening at dawn and closing at dusk (standard version)
  • Additionally, opening and closing at set times with the BS-D timer (optional accessory)
  • Additionally, manual closing possible with the aid of the integrated SA automatic closing device (optional accessory)
  • Thanks to the AS outside light sensor (optional accessory), the VSB can be installed inside the poultry house.

Technical Details

FA Electronic Automatic Feeder (Pet Feeder)

The FA automatic feeder is ideal when it comes to providing dry feed (e.g., grain and pellets) to pets and small livestock (such as chickens, pigeons or similar poultry, as well as cats, dogs, etc.). With this feeder, food portion and feeding-time programming (for instance: three times 300 g daily) could not be easier.

At the time of feeding, the set food portion will trickle from the feed container into the feeding trough or feeding vessel in a time-controlled way.

For indoor use only.


  • Time-controlled feeding
  • Extremely easy programming of food portions and feeding times
  • Available in different storage container sizes

Technical Details