HS - Aluminum Henhouse Gate

Manufacturer: AXT-Electronic

Article number: 01-030



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Product information "HS - Aluminum Henhouse Gate"

"Sliding gate (22 cm x 33 cm), complete with rails (59.5 cm long, 2 cm wide), to close poultry houses, such as henhouses, chicken coops or similar Description: Sliding gate to close poultry houses, henhouses and similar (VSBb electronic doorkeeper accessory) Installation Note 1: The rails have an H-profile. The lower holes sitting inside. The upper holes outside. Thus, the slider can not block. Installation Note 2: The slider runs about 1cm in each of the rails. So if the rails are mounted flush with the hole, it can be up to 20cm wide. (22-(2x1)=20cm) We recommend that you still wait until you have the rails and the slider, so you can cut it that fits. Technical Data: Height of sliding gate: 330 mm Width of sliding gate: 220 mm Weight of sliding gate: 300 g Height of rails: 595 mm Width of rails: 20 mm Scope of Delivery: 2 rails 1 sliding gate Installation accessories"


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