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VSB+ST-SA - Electronic Doorkeeper with plug power supply (230V) and manual closing funktion

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gHS - Aluminum Goose House Gate
M01 - SA-Magnet - Befestigungs-SET
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ASb - external light sensor, Length:
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mHS - Aluminum Duck House Gate
ZS-D - Digital Timer -QuasiAnalog- (230V)
  • 01-014SA
The VSB electronic doorkeeper opens and closes vertical sliding gates (available as optional... more
Product information "VSB+ST-SA - Electronic Doorkeeper with plug power supply (230V) and manual closing funktion"

The VSB electronic doorkeeper opens and closes vertical sliding gates (available as optional products) on poultry houses, henhouses or similar at dusk and dawn. The sensitivity of the integrated photoelectric switch can be adjusted, as appropriate. If there is an animal under the sliding gate during the closing operation, the motor of the VSB electronic doorkeeper will automatically stop upon contact.

The VSB features overload protection. All the devices come in extremely sturdy housings. The SMD-based electronic system on the underside of the printed circuit board is protected against corrosive gases, humidity and dirt by special oven-fired varnish.

The VSB unit is weatherproof and does not open the sliding gate during thunderstorms (lightning).

We only use extremely durable components that offer an operating life of at least two decades.

Other Options:

If you would like to install the VSB inside the poultry house, you will need an AS outside light sensor.

Our optional digital ZS-D timer allows you to operate the sliding gate also at a set time. (In other words, the gate can be opened and closed at set times or opened at a set time and closed at dusk.)

Closing at a set time will not be possible with a conventional timer.

With the integrated SA manual closing function of the VSB+ST electronic doorkeeper, the sliding gate can also be closed manually (and then be automatically opened at dawn or at a set time the next morning). Opening by hand is not possible.


Electronic doorkeepers by AXT-Electronic are in use around the globe, from cold Canada to the hot Australian outback.


Installation is very easy. Just pull the sliding gate up. Attach it to the VSB+ST. Plug in power supply to mains power. Everything Done!

Using UR pulleys, you can even operate several sliding gates with one VSB+ST or control several VSB+STs by one ZS-D timer. Cable must be splittet by a luster terminal.

Timers, too, are very easy to install.

Click here to view variants of the VSB electronic doorkeeper and examples of how to install it.


An integrated photoelectric switch controls the VSB+ST-SA electronic doorkeeper motor, which opens or closes the vertical sliding gate of the poultry house via a pulling cord.

Technical Data of the VSBb:

  • Length: 125 mm
  • Width: 125 mm
  • Height: 75 mm
  • Operating voltage: 6-12 VDC
  • Load capacity: Suitable for sliding gates weighing from 0.2 kg to 3 kg (up to 6 kg if an idler is used as a pulley)
  • Maximum lift: 60 cm (Please advise if lift is higher.)
  • Lifting speed: For a 30-cm lift, it takes approx. 40s to open or close the sliding gate if the mains adapter is used.

 Scope of Delivery:

  • VSB+ST-SA electronic doorkeeper with 12V power supply (for 220V) and integrated manual closing function SA
Hersteller: AXT-electronic
Maße (BxLxH): 125mm x 125mm x 75mm
Stromversorgung: 6-12V Gleichspannung über Netzteil 220V
Batterielaufzeit: 2 - 4 Jahre (abhängig vom Schiebergewicht)
Gewichte: für Schiebergewicht von 200 g bis ca. 3 kg (mit Umlenkrolle als Flaschenzug bis 6 kg) geeignet
Hub: maximal 60 cm (bei mehr Bedarf bitte informieren!)
Geschwindigkeit: bei 30cm Hub ca. 40s für öffnen bzw. schließen des Schiebers (Netzteilbetrieb)
Lieferumfang: Elektronischer Pförtner VSB, Steckernetzteil 12V für Netzbetrieb, ca. 1,5m Kabellänge
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