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VSD - Electronic doorkeeper with batteries and manual control

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IF REQUIRED, order suitable accessories together with the unit.
gHS - Aluminum Goose House Gate
gHS - Aluminum Goose House Gate
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ST - power supply (230V)
ST - power supply (230V)
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M01 - SA magnet - mounting set
M01 - SA magnet - mounting set
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The musical egg timer to cook with - "Piep-Ei" - 3 melodies, soft, medium, hard
The musical egg timer to cook with - "Piep-Ei" - 3 melodies, soft, medium, hard
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ASb - external light sensor, Length:
ASb - external light sensor, Length:
from 10.00€ *
ext.SA - Extension for manual override VSD/E, length:
ext.SA - Extension for manual override VSD/E, length:
from 10.00€ *
ext.LED - Extension cable for status indicator VSD/E, length:
ext.LED - Extension cable for status indicator VSD/E, length:
from 10.00€ *
HS - Aluminum Henhouse Gate
HS - Aluminum Henhouse Gate
22.00€ *
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The Electronic Doorkeeper is an automatic chicken door opener with the following functions:... more
Product information "VSD - Electronic doorkeeper with batteries and manual control"

The Electronic Doorkeeper is an automatic chicken door opener with the following functions:


Opens the chicken door automatically when it gets light. Automatically closes the chicken door when it gets dark.

The light sensor is built inside the unit. No extra light sensor necessary if the device is mounted outside the hen house.

When installing the doorkeeper inside the hen house, please order a sensor extension, the outside light sensor (ASb), in the appropriate length.


Additionally open and close the chicken door manually.

A magnet is held to a control field at the device and the device reacts accordingly.

The device is installed inside the hen house...so you cannot reach the control panel. Order the extension as well. Place the control field for the magnet at an easily accessible place.


A favourable battery operation is standard with every device.

4x Mignon Alkaline batteries (AA, LR6) for operation are available cheap in every supermarket. The device comes with 4 batteries.

Battery life of 2 - 4 years is possible.

Battery operation makes a high independence from outlets possible and is ideal, for example, for mobile chicken houses.

The device shows via an LED when the batteries should be changed.

  • The device indicates that it is in closed mode according to the position of the limit switches. This means that the door is also closed with a high probability.

  • There are some extensions available:
  • External light sensor (1 - 6m) can be connected (optionally available) - for mounting the device inside the hen house
  • Extension of manual control (1, 3, 6m)
    - This enables convenient manual operation even when the device is mounted in the coop!
  • Extension of the LED displays (1 m, 3 m and 6 m) - LED displays can also be seen when the unit is mounted in the hen house
  • Time function can be added by connecting an external timer (BS-D / BS2) (optional)
  • optimized mechanics - the string lasts even longer
  • up to 3kg slide weight possible
  • 12V operation via optional power supply unit
    – a 12V voltage source can be connected to each device.
    - This can be a plug-in power supply with which the device is operated via 230V socket current,
    - or another voltage source, such as a car battery, or an equivalent battery charged via solar cell.
    - The supplied batteries can remain in the device as an emergency power supply.

We, as a company, have been manufacturing devices of this kind for over 30 years. We place great value on durable products and strong customer service at a fair price.

The Electronic Doorkeeper automatically opens and closes vertical sliders on chicken houses. This happens either via the light sensor and / or a timer. In addition, manual control is possible, independent of twilight and time control. In principle, the light sensor is installed in every device. So nothing else is necessary if the device is mounted outside the hen house. If it is to be installed inside the chicken house, a sensor extension is required.

If the door closes and there is an animal under it, the device stops and closes further if the animal is away again.

The device has an overload protection. The reaction is gentle on the cord and repeated attempts are made to open the device as the slide could be frozen, for example.

The housings of all devices are extremely stable. The electronics on the underside of the board in SMD technology are protected against aggressive gases, humidity and dirt  with a special lacquer. The VSD can be mounted outside if it is placed slightly protected and does not open during thunderstorms (lightning).

Manual operation: With this device it is possible to close by hand during the day. For this purpose, a magnet is held at a certain point of the housing. The slide is closed and remains closed for this day. It will open automatically the next morning.

It is also possible to reopen the doorkeeper on the same day. To do this, the magnet is again held against the certain point of the housing. 

LED display: The device shows you via multicolour LED when:
a) the batteries are empty or an exchange should be considered
b) the device must be in closed mode according to the limit switch position
(c) other general faults (e.g. rewound cord)
The LED indicators are emitted/flashing for a limited period of time (e.g. closed flap approx. for 2 hours after closing) in order to keep the battery load as low as possible.

Available accessories for the device:

Extension of the built-in light sensor ASb:
With the help of a light sensor extension, you can also mount the device and the slider in the henhouse. The doorkeeper then receives the correct light information from the sensor extension, which can easily be mounted in the wooden wall of the chicken house, for example, or easily protected in another place.
Cable lengths up to 6m are available.

External manual control, ext.SA:
You want to open or close manually? An automatic chicken door is often not easily accessible to operate the function. With the extension of the manual operation you have a solution for the problem. Place the control pad for the magnet in a place that you can easily reach to hold the magnet on. A great easement. Cable lengths up to 6m are available.

Extension of the internal LED, ext.LED:
The device occasionally outputs status information by a flashing led. For example, it informs you when the batteries need to be replaced, when the door is in closed mode or when there is a general error. You won't see this information if the doorkeeper is installed inside. With the LED extension you can avoid this problem by mounting the ext.LED in a more visible place. The external LED is also brighter than the internal LED.

External timer:
If you want to control the door additionally by time or exclusively by time, you need an external timer for the VSD which is available separately. We have these timers as battery operated and plug-in power supply powered versions. If you intend to operate the doorkeeper with a 12V power supply at the socket, you should use the power supply operated timer.

We have digital and analogue clocks in our sortiment. The digital ones are available as battery operated version (BS-D) and power supply operated version (ZS-D). Our analogue timer (BS2) is available as a battery version.

Functionality: The timers define a time period during which the door is definitely closed.
This is usually, for example, from 10 p.m. in the evening to 8 a.m. in the morning. Outside of this time the light sensor defines, whether it is opened or closed. This means that in this combination ist is closed in the evening at dusk, but no later than 22 o'clock. In the morning it is opened from 8 o'clock, if it is bright. If not, it will open as soon as it is bright enough.
In addition, it is possible to control the doorkeeper exclusively by time, i.e. without Influence of the light sensor.

Installation instructions to avoid misunderstandings or problems:
You will receive the device in the opened position, i.e. with the cord rolled up. A loop looks out of the device. You first assemble the rails, then insert the slider and pull it to the open position. Mount the device above it so that you can connect the loop of the device with the slider. This determines the upper stop...very simple.

If the device does not fit directly over the opened slider, mount the device next to it or somewhere else. You can now connect the loop of the device and the opened slider with an extension cord, which you can then lead over pulleys if necessary.

Links to installation examples can be found at the bottom of this page.

SA-schließen: per Hand durch Magnet anhalten am Pförtner-Gehäuse, öffnet am kommenden Morgen automatisch
Hersteller: AXT-electronic
SA-öffnen: per Hand durch Magnet anhalten am Pförtner-Gehäuse
Maße (BxLxH): 125mm x 125mm x 50mm
Stromversorgung: 6-12V Gleichspannung über Netzteil 220V, 6V DC / Mignon-Alkaline AA Batterien
Batterielaufzeit: ca. 2 Jahre, Pförtner
Gewichte: für Schiebergewicht von 200 g bis ca. 3 kg (mit Umlenkrolle als Flaschenzug bis 6 kg) geeignet
Hub: maximal 60 cm (bei mehr Bedarf bitte informieren!)
Geschwindigkeit: bei 30cm Hub ca. 40s für öffnen bzw. schließen des Schiebers (Netzteilbetrieb)
Lieferumfang: 4x AA Batterien, Mignon, Alkaline (4x1,5V), Elektronischer Pförtner VSD
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5 Oct 2019


Wie schon beschrieben trickreiche Mechanik, wird bei uns problemlos an einer Autobatterie betrieben.

12 Jun 2019

Sehr gut

Super Gerät mit genialer Mechanik. Lässt sich problemlos installieren und funktioniert einwandfrei.

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