Frequently asked questions

  • How long does the electronic doorkeeper run with one set of batteries?

    The batteries of the electronic doorkeeper / automatich chicken door opener last about 2-4 years. This depends on the weight of the used slider and the weather conditions over the time.

    How long do the batteries in the timer last?

    The batteries of the digital BS-D timer last about 5-6 years.

    The batteries of the analogue BS timer last about 1.5 years.

    What type of batteries should I use?

    Use in any case alkaline batteries. All devices operate at 1.5V AA-size batteries. In the battery-powered Electronic Doorkeeper / automatic chicken hole opener four batteries are required, two inside the BS-D.

    The analog BS is powered by a mono cell.

    I want to use a solar or car battery. Is that possible?

    Yes, this is possible. You can use every 12V voltage source with the electronic doorkeeper / automatic chicken door opener. You have to secure the wire with max. 1A.

    I want to close manually. My geese never go alone to bed...

    In this case, you need the closing automatic "SA". This makes it possible to close the electronic doorkeeper by hand, regardless of dawn and time.
    You hold a small magnet to a certain point of the case. This closes the slider and automatically opens the next morning at dawn or time.
    The doorkeeper must be accessible for this application. A use together with the external light sensor AS (for indoor installation) is thus  not useable, because you mostly can not reach to the point of the housing. Please ask us before in such a case.

    What should I consider when connecting the external light sensor?  

    The external sensor is connected to the pins 5 and 6 inside the electronic doorkeeper. The colors doesn't matter. The pins are connected. In addition, the internal sensor R2 must be darkened with the included black cap.

    I want to adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor. How do I do that?

    On the circuit board, above the contacts 5 and 6, there is a dial knob. It is set by default that the doorkeeper closes relatively early and opens relatively late. The arrow points toward the upper left. If you turn the knob clockwise to the right with a screwdriver, the doorkeeper closes later and opens earlier.

    My manual is gone. Where can I get a new one from?

    In this case, please write us an email or a message via the contact form. Please notify with us, what equipment/accessories  you use.

    What happens when the slider jams?

    The electronic doorkeeper has an overload shutdown. As soon as the slider jams, the motor is shut off. The doorkeeper then tries to open again periodically.

  • Is it possible to use the doorkeeper for horizontal opening sliders?

    The electronic doorkeeper is provided for the operation of vertically opening sliders.

    Do I have everything what I need when I only order the electronic doorkeeper?

    The electronic doorkeeper is the basic unit, ie the control unit with dusk sensor and built-in motor. If you start with a new chicken house, you probably still need the appropriate slider / door also. You can choose from three sizes in our shop. Additional options such as automatic closing function (SA), the external light sensor (AS) and a timer can also be found in our shop. If you only order the items "VSB+ST" or "VSBb" this accessories are not included.

    The doorkeeper and the slider should be installed inside the chicken coop. Is that possible?

    Yes, this is no problem. All you need is the additional external light sensor AS. This "leads" the information, which light is in there, next to the doorkeeper inside. The internal light sensor must be darkened by a small cap, so that the doorkeeper does not open after dark when light is turned on inside the chicken coop.

    Can the doorkeeper actually get wet?

    This is not a problem. Important are: when the doorkeeper is mounted externally, the holes (for rope and any accessories) must point downwards. You should also install the doorkeeper somewhat protected from the elements (ie, a small canopy, transparent as possible) and do not necessarily attach it to the weather side. Moisture enters inevitably into a housing as a hole for the cord must be present. But is can flow out easier through the existing holes. To avoid freezing of the slider in winter, grease the rails a little. Then, less water can settle there.

    I have my own slider. What should I look for?

    If you use your own slider, this must have the following properties:
    - minimum 300g heavy
    - maximum 3kg heavy
    - There should be no upper limit. Switching off occurs inside the device itself
    - Suitable materials are for example Aluminum sheet metal, Plexiglas or thin wood
    - Otherwise
    please note the installation instructions in the manual.

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